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The cookie from this site allow you to analyze the use of the content provided by the site to enhance the browsing experience.


Cookies are used for the correct technical operation of certain sections of the site and may be persistent (remain even after the browser is closed) or sessions (they are destroyed when browser is closed).

The analytical cookies collect information about how you enjoyed the site. The data collected are anonymous and you can customize the content to the user requirements. These cookies are sent from this site but also from third-party domains.

Cookies analysis of third-party services collect anonymous data about the pages visited, time spent, traffic sources, geographic origin for the purpose of marketing analysis. They are sent from third-party domains.

Cookies to integrate products and functions of third-party software such as icons and preferences in social networks for sharing content. These cookies are sent from third-party domains.

Cookies profiling are those cookies necessary to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user within the pages of the site.

The consent for cookies technicians is not required according to the law.

The other cookie consent may be expressed by the visitor using a specific browser or by changing the settings for using the services of third parties.

Cookies used by the website

Here are all the cookies at any given time they could be used by navigating to this site.

You can disable the use of third-party cookies for interest-based advertising through the site:


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_ga persistent distinguished users and lasts two years.
_gat lasts 10 minutes and is used to control the requests.
__utma persistent distinguished users and session
__utmt 10 minutes Used to control the demands and time.
__utmb 30 mins from the set / update. Used to finish the new sessions / visits and dropout rates.
__utmz persistent lasts 6 months and identifies the origin of the user.
_dc technical session to limit requests for remarketing and lasts 10 minutes.
Type: Third Parties
Used by Google Analytics


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Type: Third parties (Persistent)
Duration: 6 months to 2 years
Used by Youtube for navigation preferences


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Type: Third parties (Persistent)
Used by Google Maps to statistical data is not personal


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Act: Session
c_user: persistent
CSM: persistent
datr: persistent
fr: persistent
i_user: Session
lu: persistent
p: Session
Presence: Session
s: persistent
x-src: persistent
xs: persistent
datr: persistent
lu: persistent


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__utma: persistent
__utmv: persistent
__utmz: persistent
auth_token: persistent
guest_id: persistent
pid: persistent
remember_checked: persistent
remember_checked_on: persistent
secure_session: persistent
TWLL: persistent
dnt: persistent
eu_cn: persistent
external_referer: persistent


AID: persistent
APISID: persistent
HSID: persistent
NID: persistent
OGP: persistent
OGPC: persistent
PREF: persistent
SAPISID: persistent
SID: persistent
SSID: persistent
TAID: persistent
OTZ: persistent
PREF: persistent
GAPS: persistent
LSID: persistent
LSOSID – persistent
RMME – persistent


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PHPSESSID – Technical Session – WordPress is used to identify the single session of a user.

displayCookieConsent persistent recall whether or not the user has accepted the cookie information soon.


Google Chrome:

Go to the information>
Open the Chrome browser
Click the menu at the toolbar of the browser
Select Settings
Click Show Advanced Settings
Under “Privacy” click the “Content Settings”
In the “Cookies” change the cookie settings:
Allow saving data locally
Edit the local data only until you close your browser
Do not allow sites to set cookies
To block third-party cookies and site data
Handling exceptions for some internet sites
Deleting one or all cookies

Mozilla Firefox

Go to the information>
Open Mozilla Firefox
Click the menu
Select Options
Select Privacy
Click Show Advanced Settings
Under “Privacy” click “Content settings”
In “Tracking” modifies the following cookie settings:
Request to sites not to make any tracking
Notify sites availability to be traced
Do not express any preference on the tracking data
From “History” section, you can:
Enabling “Use custom settings” select to accept third party cookies (again, from most sites visited or never) and keep them for a specified period (until they expire at the close of Firefox or ask every time)
Remove individual cookies stored

Internet Explorer

Go to the information>
Run Internet Explorer
Click Tools and select Internet Options
Click Privacy Settings section and change the slider according to the action desired by the cookies:
Block all cookies
Allow all cookies
Selection of sites from which to obtain cookie: move the cursor in an intermediate position so as not to block or allow all cookies, press then click Sites, Web Site Address box to enter a website and then press to Block or Allow

Safari 6

Go to the information>
Run Safari
Click Safari, select Preferences and press on Privacy
Under Block Cookie specific as Safari must accept cookies from websites.
To see which sites have stored cookies click Details

Safari iOS

Go to the information>
Run the iOS Safari Browser
Click Settings, then Safari
Click Block Cookies and choose from several options: “Never”, “Third-party advertisers and” or “Always”
To delete all cookies stored by Safari, click Settings, then Safari, and Clear Cookies and Data


Go to the information>
Open Opera
Preferences and then click Advanced and Cookies
Select one of the following options:
Accept all cookies
Accept cookies only from the site I visit: the third-party cookies that are sent to and from a domain other than the one you are visiting will be rejected
Never accept cookies: all cookies will never be saved

Finally, remember that you can also disable cookies from third-party services by using the following link: